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Opening Mouse Avoider:

Mouse Avoider is opened in two different ways, depending on if you chose to include the manual in your download or not.


If you didn't choose to include the manual, to open Mouse Avoider, simply double click on the file "Mouse Avoider Game" that you saved to your hard drive.


If you cannot open the file you may be missing one of the requirements to play Mouse Avoider, please check the About Mouse Avoider page if this is the case.


If you chose to download Mouse Avoider with the manual, you will need a program that can extract .zip files such as WinRAR.  If using WinRAR, after downloading the file, right click on it, and select "Extract Here" so that all files are extracted into the same folder; you can also select "Extract files..." to select a different folder for the files to be extracted into.  After extracting the files, go to the folder you extracted the files to, and you should see a new folder called "Mouse Avoider" while you can move this folder anywhere, do not move any of the files or folders inside, as you will not be able to open the manual if you do.  Open the "Mouse Avoider" folder, then double click on the file "Mouse Avoider Game" to open the game. 


As before, if you cannot open the file, you are probably missing one of the requirements to play Mouse Avoider, you can read the requirements on the About Mouse Avoider page on this site.


Starting and Playing Mouse Avoider:

After opening mouse avoider, you can start the game by pressing F5 on your keyboard.  After doing so, you will see the title screen, pictured to the right.  Select "Play Now!" to play the game with the tutorial included, or "Skip Tutorial." to play the game without the tutorial.


The other option will allow you to view this page, the manual.  If you didn't download the manual with Mouse Avoider, you will need to be connected to the internet to view this page.  If you did download the manual with Mouse Avoider however, the option will be "View Manual", rather than the pictured option.


After selecting either "Play Now!" or "Skip Tutorial." you will see a screen with a yellow button with the play symbol on it.  Click this button to start the level.

After starting a level, you must get your cursor to the goal, without touching any of the obstacles or walls, or-in some cases-while staying on a path.  The goal is a button with a picture of a house on it.



Many items can be found in Mouse Avoider, these have a range of functions.  Use these items wisely, as they may be the key to solving a puzzle!









Secret Levels:

Sometimes when playing a level, you may find the entrance to one of the five secret levels hidden in Mouse Avoider!  Upon entering a secret level, you will see a yellow button with the play symbol on it, as normal.  But you will also see some text similar to the text pictured to the right.


Secret levels allow you to 'warp' to a certain level, so that you can skip certain levels.  Each secret level has a time limit and an objective different to a regular level in the game.  Completing the secret level will warp you to the level promised.


Failing a secret level will take you back to the level you found the entrance to the secret level on, but the entrance will no longer be there.  This means that you only get one attempt at each secret level per each game of Mouse Avoider.


Some/All levels don't work!:

Without the correct requirements for Mouse Avoider, most of the levels will not work.  Please check you have the correct requirements (found on the About Mouse Avoider page) before doing anything else.  If a single level doesn't work, or has certain items or obstacles not functioning as they should it may have a bug in it that was not found during testing.  If this is the case, please report the bug in this forum topic.


Other Tips and Tricks:

 - Before doing anything in a level work out a path, this will help you avoid taking false paths.
 - Look out for shortcuts in levels, as you could skip some obstacles.
 - If you see a suspicious part of a level that you can get to, but seems to serve no purpose, take a look, you may find something useful!
 - If you cannot do a certain level, don't get annoyed, take a break, come back, and you may see something you missed!

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