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About Mouse Avoider
History of Mouse Avoider

Mouse Avoider started development on the 21st of July 2006, as a test to see what I could do with PowerPoint.  I let a few friends test it, and I got positive feedback, so I made more levels, and eventually came up with a title: Mouse Avoider.  I was still getting positive feedback, so I decided to make Mouse Avoider into a full game.
What is Mouse Avoider? 

Mouse Avoider is a video game for any PC users that have PowerPoint installed.  The aim is to get your pointer to the goal of each level, by avoiding obstacles, solving puzzles, defeating bosses and even racing against time limits! 
Mouse Avoider also has five short tutorial levels so that new players can get the hang of the game before playing.

Mouse Avoider also has great multiplayer potential, you can play it with your friends to see who can get to a certain level, or complete the game in the fastest time.



If you are downloading Mouse Avoider without the manual, all you need is Microsoft PowerPoint XP or above, you can also use the PowerPoint Viewer 2003, which can be downloaded here.

If you are downloading Mouse Avoider with the manual, you will need an Internet Browser, a program that can extract .zip archives, such as WinRAR, as well as PowerPoint XP or above.



As Mouse Avoider evolved, I decided that it should contain completely original graphics and music, so that the game wasn't breaching any copyright laws, and I could release it on the internet.


Here are the main people who helped make the game, full credits can be found in game:

Music: Kain Vinosec ( & Mark Zachary

Graphics: Ezlo Minish

Beta Testers: Liam Marchant & Gamer001


© Mouse Avoider Team  (2007)